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wife throat is bad

My wife is having throat problems. She is the main income suppler for the family. I am a teacher who cannot find a teaching job. She is having problems swallowing. We have taken her to many doctors, and they have not found out why. the next step is to see a doctor who will look …
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A Better Life For Cynthia
Breathing Is Not Optional: A Better Life For Cynthia

Cynthia Scoggins is an amazing woman. She has blessed her friends and those around her with her tireless work ethic and endless generosity. A mother, daughter,  best friend, and confidante to many. Cynthia has suffered from Chronic Iron Deficiency Anemia, an ailment that renders her body incapable of absorbing iron. This results in the reduction …
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Rene needs a motorized wheelchair

Rene has recently developed generalized weakness throughout his body and cannot walk, dress himself, go to the bathroom himself or do even roll over in bed. Sometimes it improves later in the day a little. Docs are unsure what he has but are running tests to see. Insurance doesn’t cover the kind of medical equipment …
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Lung cancer

This is abby, she’s fighting for her life, we have so many bills and just don’t have enough, we lost our house and now I’m living in a shelter, i work a part time but make 9.00 a hour but some times i cant make it to work because my little abby gets so bad …
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Please help these three kids

A few days ago a good friend of mine and his wife took in three foster kids. These kids were being abused by their Biological parents (Law enforcement Dad and Mother) and were going to be split up and sent to group homes by the local child welfare agency. The allegations were physical abuse, verbal …
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Esperanza Viva Raising Funds for the Orphanage
Esperanza Viva

We want to thank everyone who participated in sending us to Esperanza Viva to partner with other families and grow a community of love and friendship between ourselves and this beautiful community in Puebla Mexico! Our kids along with the other 8 children on this trip led 5 full days and evenings of art, craft, …
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Hoping for a miracle

Hello. We are looking for help PLEASE!  We have hit desperation here and I am asking (begging) for help for my family. We are behind on everything and struggling to catch up. My husband became ill three years ago and his boss of 30 years terminated him stating he was a liability. My husband found …
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Divine Destiny Online

This campaign is closed as we have moved to another platform: https://www.generosity.com/faith-religion-fundraising/divine-destiny-church-school

Steve & Kerry’s Road to Recovery

I am starting this campaign for my sister Kerry and her husband Steve.  Steve has been a hard worker for 30 + years.  While working for Banner Glass, Steve injured his foot by stepping on a piece of glass which at the time was no big deal, so he thought.   Banner Glass, closed their doors …
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Single Mother Desperately Needing Christmas Help

<p>My name is Brandy and this is literally one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. Swallowing my pride &amp; asking for help for my children &amp; myself. My son Jackson, has been battling a what started out as a viral respiratory infection in August. Then quickly turned into a …
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assistance needed

I’m on a fixed income and the wife of 20 years had surgery and can’t work , so assistant is needed our power is off but the neighbor ran a cord for my cpap machine and a heater. Just need enough to get every thing going again and pay a couple of bills

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