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This is a fundraiser for a dear friend, that is also my fiancé. Stephanie was diagnosed with ALS on June 11th, 2022, 1 year after having our beautiful daughter Chevelle. She defies the odds in her life’s fight with ALS. Stephanie and I have spent every bit of money we have saved to pay for the treatments that are helping to reverse this horrific disease! These treatments are working and her health is starting to improve. But without extra help, they will not be able to continue. Please consider donating to this amazing person who would and has given anything, any donations will be going toward treatments and medical expenses. Please support her fight for life, no donation is too small.       Hello, my name is Carol. I never knew what ALS was. Was until 2005. If you are not aware of this horrifying disease, please research ALS. so, we can bring awareness. That’s when my beautiful daughter Stephanie & I learned what the degenerating disease that was until her father was diagnosed with it. And here we are in 2022. My daughter now has been diagnosed with ALS. I have moved Stephanie and her 18-month-old and her fiancé in with us. As a mother as any other, I want to save her life. We can do many new treatments to Stop this horrible disease. We as a family are in the fight for my daughter’s life. She is only 37yrs old and a mother of 5 beautiful children. She just had a baby she is only 18 months. We have exhausted all other avenues for the medical treatments she needs. Yes, she has insurance but that does not cover all expenses. I can only hope and pray that everyone reading this can relate to a loved one in her or his life who has experienced this in one way or another. Please pray for us as a family and our beautiful Daughter Stephanie that we can reach our goal to raise money for the medical treatments she needs to fight this horrible disease (ALS….) and help to help stop it…     One afternoon in early September 2021 while playing with my then 3-month-old daughter now 18 months old I noticed a slight difference in my right thigh not thinking anything of it maybe it was just that I had been doing too much lately between having a new baby and my fiancé and I moving into a new home. But a month went by and nothing changed it seemed to be getting weaker so I then made a doctor’s appointment to see my primary care I explained to her the problem I was having we thought maybe I could have a pinched nerve in my back or that it could have been something that happened during labor I didn’t think anything much of it months later it seemed to be getting worse and moving down to my ankle I began to trip and have a limp with that I made another doctor appointment but due to my age 37 ALS was not thought even though I had lost my father and uncle to this horrifying disease. When I brought this to my doctor’s attention, we started an elimination process with all types of blood work and numerous amounts of MRIS everything came back normal so I was referred to a neurologist that performed an EMG after the test was run, he referred me to a specialist at IU for neuroscience ALS. my fiancé and I drove two and a half hours from Indiana to see the Neuroscience doctor at IU to receive the devastating news that I carry the gene sod 1 that was passed on from my father and so on. We were both devastated and had the whole two-and-a-half-hour ride home to think about it and devise a game plan seeing that there is no known cure only meds that can buy time for Lou Gehrig’s disease at this time. Refusing to take that as an answer we are looking into other treatments from holistic up and exhausting every Avenue possible, there are other treatments and medications that insurance will not cover but I am refusing to give up so I am reaching out and asking for support in my time of need ALS is a horrible disease and has stripped slowly almost everything from my family my fiancé and I had to get rid of everything we owned to move back to Florida so my mother can help us with our 18-month-old daughter because I can no longer care for her or myself alone. I will not give up my will to fight or find a cure for ALS. Your support and encouragement I’m beating ALS are greatly appreciated so I thank you in advance from my family to yours.


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