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Rick Simpson
RSO Who is Rick Simpson and Why is His Medical Marijuana Oil Special?

Published: 11/29/2021, By: calypsoerie.com

Rick Simpson’s oil, better known as RSO, is one of the earliest examples of modern medical marijuana extracts. It’s first introduced in the early 2000s and has since become a staple for many medical marijuana patients due to its potent and therapeutic effects. To better understand RSO, its uses, and its benefits, let’s first find …
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RSO Can Rick Simpson Oil Help Treat Cancer?

Published: 11/29/2021, By: Christina Chun, MPH

Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis extract named after the medical marijuana activist who created it. Simpson claims that applying the oil to the cancerous spots on his skin removed the spots within days. Rick Simpson’s Oil (RSO) is unique in that it contains higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than other medicinal cannabis-extracts. Though there …
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rebecca - marijuana
Medical Marijuana Doctor Prescribes Medical Marijuana: 4 Things To Know

Published: 11/24/2021, By: Jason Wachob

People are becoming curious about the potential health benefits of medical marijuana as more and more US states are voting in favor of it. Of course, there are some viewpoints contrary to this. Physicians advocate for  THC’s pain-relieving qualities and its ability to help with stopping disorders, PTSD, and several other neurological conditions. On the other hand, …
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medical marijuana
Medical Marijuana Cannabis Helped Treat 5 Medical Conditions You Didn’t Know

Published: 11/24/2021, By: Tom Gaffey

The medical applications of medical marijuana are on the rise day by day, and it’s now legal in 36 US States and territories. There are more researches now for marijuana, and it’s being used more widely than ever for treating various medical conditions. Some of these instances will surprise you. Cannabis shows its effectiveness in …
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