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I would like to introduce you to William. William is focused, determined and a passionate life saver. He has dedicated himself to saving lives for decades, ranging from helping wounded soldiers abroad to serving in a local blood bank to ensure there is enough units of safe blood for those in need. He is a loving friend and a colleague who is always there to lend a helping hand without hesitation.

 William was born and raised in a third world country which presented many challenges early in life. Despite the hardships he faced and with admirable tenacity, he achieve the American dream. Life was manageable until 5 years ago when he was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma; a type of soft tissue cancer. Being the fighter he is, he has fought multiple bouts of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The cancer spread to his lungs and he was diagnosed with another type of cancer in his right kidney. For five years, William’s battle had consisted of keeping up with countless appointments for active cancer surveillance along with multiple surgeries, each one taking a toll on his life.

 Fast forward to May of 2022, after his surgeon removed a metastasis in his right lung, he received devastating news that a tumor in his mediastinum had grown so rapidly they could no longer remove it. The growth started impending his breathing and eating abilities as it pushed his heart and esophagus to a dangerous angle. William sought for a second and third opinion for surgery but to no avail. Desperate to hang on to his dear life, he opted to receive more chemotherapy and radiation but it cost him his quality of life. He couldn’t eat solid food for 28 long days. He could barely walk or do routine activities without help. Imagine the emotional, mental and physical fatigue he was going through!

When his doctor advised more chemotherapy, he decided not to go through the treatment due to the fact his body couldn’t tolerate the effects of the poison. He sought for an alternative treatment just for the hope that maybe……..maybe he can spend more time with his family and friends until his body gives out. Unfortunately, these types of treatment are not covered by his medical insurance and the cost is too expensive so he almost gave up on it. The good news is, his body responded well from his initial treatments and this gave him hope to continue this path. But in order for him to go on, he needs your help to cover additional treatments that will cost him in the excess of 100k. This includes living expenses, flying out of state to the clinic, lodging and food.

This campaign is to help cover all of these expenses.

If you are able to donate, please consider contributing to this campaign. Any amount helps and will be greatly appreciated. Please know that more than ever, you are standing between the gap of life and death for William and his family.

December 2022 Update

William and his family is filled with so much gratitude for overwhelming support thus far. Cancer treatments are going well however, he is battling another effect of the poison in his heart. He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy which caused by the chemotherapy drug given to him 5 years ago. His heart is only functioning 12% compared to 80-90% that a healthy individual has. William is so fatigued and have so much difficulty breathing that he has to skip work again for an extended period of time. Having said that, his outlook is so much better now that his cardiac regimen is helping his heart and he still continue to undergo alternative cancer treatments in Arizona. His recent PET scan revealed a much better picture and he is very positive of where his treatment is going.

William will not be able to continue this journey without your continued support and thus, we plea that you continue your support and continue to spread the word for help so that we can reach our goal. Thank you and more  blessings to you all!



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