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Hello Everyone,


My son’s girlfriend, Britt Botkins and her dad, Dwaine, have been humbled by your continued prayers and support while Dwaine recovers and heals from his accident and surgery.  As many of you are aware, on November 5, 2022, Dwaine was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street in Rochester Hills, MI.   He suffered many, many injuries and has an incredibly long road to recovery.  The most severe injury was a broken leg which had surgery shortly after the accident and a brain bleed.  Unfortunately he developed blood clots in his leg after the surgery.  He was discharged from the hospital on November 19th with no real plan for rehabilitation, prescriptions, or recovery.  Dwaine suffered a stroke on November 22nd and has been in the hospital ever since.


Given the nature of Dwaine’s recovery, insurance reimbursements will only go so far.  Dwaine is going to need physical therapy, occupational therapy, a nurse available 24/7 for a time, prescription co-pays, plus much more. 


It is highly unlikely that Dwaine will be able to return to gainful employment. after all this  As Dwaine is a single parent, Britt has been trying to work to support the household, take college classes, and tend to her father’s care.  Understandably, it’s all been a bit overwhelming for both Britt and Dwaine.


Please consider donating to help cover Dwaine’s medical co-pays and expenses.  Britt and Dwaine would be immensely thankful for any relief that can be provided.


Thank you,

Rosalyn Zielke


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