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Hi, I’m Betty. I’m on this site to raise funds for medical expenses not covered by insurance. Chronic back issues have plagued my husband since the beginning of the year, dramatically impacting his ability to work (handyman/property manager) to the point where he’s had to turn down virtually all jobs. He has been diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis. In addition, he began developing eye problems in early Spring, significantly affecting sight in his left eye. After many months of eye appointments and many eye drops and pills, he has been diagnosed with glaucoma, which Laser Therapy can only minimally help. He cannot drive at dusk or later; even during daytime driving, he is limited to how long he can sit in the car and see signs and peripherally see traffic.

As for me, I had a fall in the summer, falling directly on my left knee. It was re-injured two months later when I had debilitating sciatica, and my left leg buckled when trying to stand, causing me to fall directly on the same knee. I spent the next two and a half months needing to use crutches, significantly impeding regular activities. I finally underwent knee surgery in mid-November to repair two significant meniscus tears and am currently having physical therapy to restore my knee function as best as possible.

Any funds raised will allow us to recoup some of the expenses incurred and replace some of the income my husband has lost due to not being able to take on any jobs. We appreciate anything you can give, thank you.


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