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 Hi, this campaign has been started for Charlie Guerin by friends of her parents Jenn and Jena Guerin.

Charlie is an amazing 3-year-old fighting a battle no child should have to fight.  After 4+ weeks of living in a hospital, with her family, there is still no known cause of her illness.

Charlie was a healthy, happy and sweet little girl right up until this year. Although she’s maintained her sweetness, her health has declined for an unknown reason. Throughout the month stay – Charlie has undergone risky procedures, implementing a feeding tube, implanting a PICC Line (as unfortunately her tiny veins could not handle the amount of blood draws needed on a daily basis), a blood transfusion and mental decline. Her parents, Jenn and Jena Guerin have been by her side 24/7 and extremely hands-on helping with as many procedures, feedings, dressing changes as they can to ensure Charlie’s comfortability and mental health stays stable as possible .

Jenn and Jena are also raising their 5-week-old son, Cameron, in the hospital room with Charlie (no small feat). Although Charlie is in absolute love with her little brother, and he brings nothing but smiles to her face, and as blessed as they are to welcome a new happy, healthy boy made from scratch into this world, this isn’t where he should be brought up.

There are several medical teams looking over Charlie, including Pathology/Hematology, G.I., Allergy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, around the clock nursing staff and Child Life.   Throughout these tests, exams and procedures; the only answers they have as of now is Charlie has developed symptoms such as Protein Loss Enteropathy in the blood, Edema, Anemia (from multiple blood draws), white debris within her body which is where all of her inflammation is most prevalent. They have found her red blood cells are bursting while the white has a high level of eosinophils. All these symptoms together still are not giving a direct diagnosis until they hear back from Golisano and Cincinnati Pathology.

There will be a long road ahead once Charlie is finally discharged – unsure of when, Charlie will still need to undergo procedures, medication treatments, various follow up appointments with Pathology/Hematology, GI and Allergy and more.

We have started this campaign to ease the burden on Jenn and Jena. As you can imagine the medical costs are astronomical even with insurance coverage, not to mention all the other costs, food, gas, hospital parking etc. This will help them to concentrate on Charlie getting well.

If you have ever met Jenn and Jena, you know they would give the shirt off their back to anyone who needed it.

From the bottom of our hearts, we humbly ask you to share this link with family and friends and if possible, in giving (any amount helps) and becoming a Champion for Charlie.

We sincerely thank you for your support and God bless each and every one of you!!

Champions for Charlie


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