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I’m still doing about the same my cancer numbers keep going up and down at times, I’m having my treatments every two weeks now. This has been going on since march of this year 2022. I still cannot work and had no money coming in I had to use what little I had in my 401K account. I have my wife at home who cannot work she is 73 I’m 60 we have been together for almost 30 years. And we are trying to take care of a mentally handicap boy from down the road from where we live he was kicked out of his father’s house. I have a house payment and a car payment. so far, the amount billed to my insurance is a little over $330,800 my insurance takes care of about 70 percent of it. It just depends on what they are doing. where we live has been in the family since 1978 we don’t wont to leave here. I get my first disability check at the end of November on the fourth wed of each month I get 1574 a month it a enough for the house payment,car,duke and that’s it how is anyone supposed to live on that?  The hospital has been charging 76000 a month for my treatments.  I’m behind on my house payment,water,I have not been able to pay my credit cards or other loans for 8 months.  Any help would be greatly appreciated if you cannot give please share this me and my wife really need the help thank you for your time god bless you.  In a months time I will lose my insurance running out of money to pay for it.  Also in a couple of months Im going to let the suv go back to the bank I don’t have the money to pay for it.  I need a low price awd car I live in the hills  winter time the roads are bad please help


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