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Stephanie Jane Warner

Sweet Jeremiah lost both parents in a horrific auto accident. Let’s help this sweet family as they navigate their new normal.
Tragedy does not choose to lift its ugly head at a “good” time but happening just prior to the sacred days of Christmas just makes unexpected challenges even more difficult. A very sweet friend of mine posted the following and is in need of our help.
From Jane Cook Osborne on 12/9/2022, “There is no way to soften this but I lost 2 of my kids yesterday. Charlie, Liz, Stephanie, and Jeremiah were in a horrible car accident on Wednesday evening. Liz was killed instantly, and Charlie and Stephanie were life-flighted to Memorial Herman in the medical center. Charlie had multiple trauma to his brain and he passed away at about 6:30 the next morning. Stephanie Jane is still in the hospital with multiple injuries. Jeremiah is ok and he’s with me.”

Her son Charlie did pass away, joining his wife in Heaven, the next day, and Jane has been given temporary custody of her grandson, 2-year-old son Jeremiah. Jane’s daughter Stephanie Jane remains in the hospital at Stephanie Jane is in the Houston Medical Center with multiple fractures in her face, back, and legs. Blessed to still be with us, Stephanie Jane is recovering but the road will be long and the expenses are insurmountable. Thanks to the Red Cross for bringing home her son from Qatar where is currently deployed.

So many people have asked what they can do, how can they help, or want to help someone in need at the holidays. Expenses for medical treatment, 2 funeral expenses, food and lodging for out-of-town family, gas, attorney fees, and miscellaneous bills is something no one suffering from loss should have to worry about. This family is hard-working, God-fearing and just needs a helping hand through the most horrific situation. They are living through everyone’s nightmare, doubled … the loss of a child(s) but maintaining the sole purpose of keeping little Jeremiah safe and happy. Family will rally around him in the years to come with beautiful memories of his parents, gone too soon.

We covet prayers and, if you feel led to donate, this platform allows you to write off your 2022 taxes. I know no one donates with that purpose but it is a perk that other platforms do not allow. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. Jane has given me permission to organize this and wants to thank each and every one of you for prayers and support. God bless.


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