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Home How to Update Your Givetaxfree Campaign

Please follow the guide to update your givetaxfree campaign.

Step 1: Access Your Campaign Page
– Navigate to the Givetaxfree.Org and log in to your account.
– Click My Account from the Top Menubar and Select your campaign then click Edit Button
– Browse your campaign, look for the “Update Campaign” button. It’s usually located on the right sidebar. It will direct you to the campaign editing page where you can make changes to your campaign.

Step 2: Make Your Changes
On the editing page, you’ll find various fields and sections that you can update. You can modify the campaign title, description, funding goal, campaign images, and any other relevant details.

Step 3: Notify Donors (Optional)
If you want to inform all your donors about the changes you’ve made, Check the option “Send this update to Donors”.

Step 4: Review Your Changes
Before finalizing your updates, carefully review all the changes you’ve made to ensure they are accurate and reflect your intentions.

Step 5: Update Payment Options (If Needed)
If you wish to change your payment options, such as adding or removing accepted payment methods, navigate to the payment settings section on the editing page. Make the necessary adjustments and ensure everything is up to date.

Step 6: Verify Your Identity
To ensure the security of your campaign, the platform may require you to provide some verification details. This typically includes your Secret Pin and Mother’s Maiden name, or any other relevant information requested by the platform.

Step 7: Click Update Campaign Button
After double-checking all your changes and verifying your identity, click the Update Campaign button at the bottom of the editing page.

Step 8: Confirmation Pop-up
If everything went smoothly, you’ll receive a confirmation pop-up indicating that your campaign has been successfully updated.

Congratulations! You have now updated your crowdfunding campaign with the latest changes. Always ensure to keep your donors informed about any significant updates to maintain transparency and trust throughout your campaign.