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Home payment option choice

Choices are a good thing!  We are adding additional payment options to improve our services and allow you flexibility in the way you receive funds.  Listed below are the current payment options with details on how they work.  You can choose one or all three.  We will process payments in this order:

1. PayPal

Everyone is familiar with PayPal and most people have one.  You set up your account with them and we can send instant payments to your account using the email you use with them.  You then can choose how to receive your funds from them via the method you choose which includes check, their debit card or entering your bank account information.   We have encountered some unreliability in their service.  When it works, it is great.

2. Online BillPay

We can issue a check to you using our Online BillPay through Wells Fargo.  It takes 5 days for you to receive the check by US Mail from the day we issue it.

3. Direct Pay

Direct Pay is an electronic direct deposit into your bank account from our bank account.  It takes up to 3 days for our bank to verify your account and make it active option to us.  Then we can transfer funds directly to your account.  It posts the next day.  There are additional fees involved with this option:

  • For Individual accounts held at banks other than Wells Fargo, there is a .50 cents charge per transfer.
  • For business accounts held at banks other than Wells Fargo, there is a $3.00 charge per transfer.
  • For all Wells Fargo accounts there is NO CHARGE.