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My brother, Jerry Henderson, was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Esophageal Cancer. His journey began a couple of months ago with stomach issues that wouldn’t subside. After ER visits, dr visits, tests & scans, he was diagnosed with cancer on Nov. 23rd. He was admitted to the hospital on November 28th for severe dehydration. After being admitted, and several tests, it was determined he had a perforated esophagus in addition to the tumor. The dr didn’t know how he made it this far, as most people with a perforated esophagus don’t make it this far. On Friday, December 1st, he had surgery to remove a 5” tumor and fix a perforated esophagus. This was an extremely complex surgery with no guarantee of being able to remove the tumor, fix the perforation, or survive. We had to trust God completely and wholeheartedly. Hearing the words “surgery was successful” are words we will never forget. It was the best news we could have ever received.  We know God has his hands on Jerry. As Jerry continues to heal and begins Chemo in a few weeks, he will not be working for an extended amount of time. This fundraiser has been set up to help with medical expenses that have already started to accumulate. No amount is too small. However, we certainly welcome all and any prayers!  Thank you all for your continued prayers, well wishes & love for Jerry and our family. It means so very much. Love to all! Hollie


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