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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read about Johnny.  Johnny has been fighting leukemia for the past year. What we thought would be an easy victory has proven to be a battle. We are in need of $45000.00 to take our brother Johnny Hayes to Mexico Hope for Cancer clinic.  This money is for treatment and airfare back and forth. He or his immediate family has no resources to raise this money alone. We do believe it is the only chance he has. The insurance he has will not pay for this treatment as it is a natural approach immune therapy.  Johnny is 59 years old loves reading the bible and not a bit ashamed to share it with you rather you want to hear it or not!  Johnny is a father of a nineteen- year- old daughter and one brand new baby granddaughter, Oakley. He is a loving father and grandfather who wants to be able to spend time with baby Oakley. We know and Johnny knows God has the final say on his life and we are okay with that. We also believe he gave men of all walks the ability to apply their gifts of healing which only comes from God, to lives who seek it. Johnnys walk in life has never been easy, but we refuse to give up without a fight. This clinic in Mexico will work on revving up Johnnies immune system which is almost nonexistent from chemo that has been administered. If you feel compelled in the name of Jesus to help up raise the funds needed, we will forever be grateful. Time is critical in getting him there.

Johnny has a lot of life to live and experience as a new grandfather and father. Without your help this treatment will not be possible. We ask to please help us help our brother. We speak Jesus all over his life. Thank you in advance for each and every dollar given.


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