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Crowd Fundraising

We are a Crowd Fundraising site designed for the specific purpose of helping people raise funds. You can raise funds for many different purposes including purchasing or repairing a vehicle, Paying for medical bills, food, housing, rent, home repairs, emergency travel, just to name a few. The funds you receive are tax-free, and the person making the donation receives a tax deduction because we have a special non-profit status granted to us by the IRS. We are different from other crowdfunding sites that do not have this status and therefore cannot offer people making a donation a tax deduction.

Crowd fundraising has been gaining immense popularity as well as recognition globally for its number of positive impacts and social benefits. When we ask family and friends for help, they are likely to share your campaign through Facebook and other social media resources. When others share your campaign with their friends and family, you reach people you do not personally know and raise money you could not have raised on your own.

In the process of crowd fundraising, the needed funds are collected from a crowd of people to help (in the form of donation) an amount of money for a specific purpose. Thus, the donor collects funds to reach their desired goals, and the donors receive a tax deduction. Because of our special non-profit status, GiveTaxFree.Org is probably the best fundraising websites because both the recipient and the donor receive a benefit.

Benefits of Crowdfunding or Crowd Fundraising

Benefits of Our Crowdfunding Platform:

  • Crowdfunding is a creative approach. It helps reach the masses of people with a problem which many people can help contribute to solving, reducing the burden on the person in need; a problem may be solved collectively and easily.
  • Besides, the scope of raising funds potential donors may also feel interested in getting involved and helping in ways other than making donations.
  • In social crowd fundraising, people give money to help people and meet objectives that they feel are worthy.
  • People making donations get a tax deduction.
  • People receiving funds do not pay taxes on the money they receive.

GiveTaxFree: Crowdfunding Platform with a Purpose is an Official 501(c) (3) Nonprofit organization. Most importantly, Give Tax-Free is a crowd fundraising platform for PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. We are like GoFundMe with a couple of Big differences and some small ones too:

  • For starters, if you make a donation, you get a tax deduction.
  • On top of that, we charge a lot less than GoFundMe (more money goes where it should).

Why should you pay taxes on money you give to help someone else, just so a big company can earn big money and pay big salaries?

So, we are different! Give Tax-Free is a US registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, approved by the IRS to issue tax deductions for your gifts.

Our site is easy to use; you create a campaign for you or someone in need who will receive the money.


Crowd Fundraising with | Compare and Decide

Let’s compare GiveTaxFree to GoFundMe. There are times when GoFundMe is a better choice, and we want you to make the best choice for your campaign.

Criteria* Gofundme*
Total fees and expenses 5.9% plus $.30 per donation 7.9% plus $.30 per donation
Donor receives tax write off Yes No
Provider of service can contribute to political parties No Yes
Use for Medical expenses, food, automobile, shelter, necessary bills and emergencies Yes Yes
501(c)(3) non-profit Yes No
Published salaries of executives Yes No
Owned by big business No Yes
Recipient pays taxes on money received No No

*It is always important to check with your CPA regarding tax issues but donations given to 501(c)(3) organizations are almost always tax deductible for the person making the donation.

*GOFUNDME is a registered trademark of GoFundMe Inc. We are not related to GoFundMe.

Who We Are

While we are at it, let’s go over a few other important points:

  • We charge 2% less than Gofundme (therefore more money goes to where it should)
  • No campaign end dates
  • Raise as much or as little as you need
  • Share your campaign through email and social media
  • We, at Give Tax Free, give you three options to receive your funds (see How It Works page for details)
  • No fees are ever charged to the donor
  • Furthermore, we disclose all salaries of all management and board members.  Click here to see the outrageous salaries we pay ourselves.
  • We do not accept campaigns for any political parties or politicians.
  • Besides, we do not accept campaigns for terrorist activities, drugs, prostitution, gambling or other stuff like this.
  • You receive your tax donation letter immediately through email when you make the donation.

Are you in need of help? Or do you know of someone that needs help?

Let’s get started! The world isn’t going to change itself!

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