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Richard Copeland – Buy a Little Time

Hi I am Richard Copeland and first I want to share that I appreciate having had a very successful and fulfilling life and as retirement was fast approaching I anxiously looked forward to volunteering, relaxing and spending time with my 8 kids and 6 grandkids. In June, just prior to turning 66, I was rushed …
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Courage never giving up on my fight with Cancer

Hi my name is Tonya Allen, I am a 50 year old disabled veteran and a mother of three that has been diagnosed with Clear Cell Carcinoma which in itself a rare cancer but my particular cancer has never been recorded in the location mine is in, which i the throat and nasopharynx. Because there …
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Beautiful Bev, Brave Farron

Beverly Spears Forte is a devoted mother to her son  Farron, 44 with autism. She recently  received the dreaded call that her son was involved in a horrific head on collision, while traveling with his co-workers and supervisors  to Solutions at Work (SAW) program  through the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disability. Farron was one …
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Miller Family Fund

Family and friends- the Miller family is in need of a miracle. My brother-in-law, Matt was recently diagnosed with “terminal” brain cancer. They are the most generous, faith-filled family and have done so much for others and now is our chance to hold up their arms and support them. Medical and other expenses should not …
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Help Teresa Fight Pancreatic Cancer

My name is Teresa, I am  55 yrs old and was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer this past summer, had Whipple Surgery on August 31,2021 and am currently going thru Chemo Therapy. I am married to Ventura, and I have 2 boys whose names are Justin and Chris. And I have 2 grandchildren whose names are …
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Help Sean McCarthy beat cancer

  Sean McCarthy has always been there to selflessly help so many people reach their personal, athletic, health, and business goals. Now… Sean needs us. Sean has been in the ICU with a large cancerous tumor in his throat that has left him unable to eat, drink and, at times, breathe. He is now waiting …
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Brandy Cancer Fund

Please help us raise money for Brandy to be able to buy her medicines and pay her bills during her treatment!

Brandy’s Cancer Funds

Let’s help Brandy and Brad pay for medical expenses ,and bills while she is going through treatment. You know if the shoes was reversed they would be there helping us!

Anything helps….The Cancer Journey

Cancer is the longest journey that you want desperately to end. But can’t deal with the outcome… You always think it happens “to someone else”. Until it creeps into your own life. You genuinely feel for those “others”. Probably even helped in some form. Then your life is turned upside down. And you know. Truly …
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Love Rules! Kicking Cancer for Melissa

Melissa’s recent MRI has revealed that unfortunately she has cancer spread from her surgery site. Of course this is unwelcomed news BUT those who know Melissa do know how resilient she has been each and every day of the last several years of this cancer battle. She is in good spirits and is ready to …
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Breast Cancer Mama

Unfortunately my life was turned around at just 28 years old. i wish this wasnt the case, i wish none of us has to feel like our life has a price to it. the health care system does not make it easy for us to receive the treatment we all deserve So- here i am …
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