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The Williams Family fund

I’ve just received the heartbreaking news that I am 47 and have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and must start undergoing chemotherapy on top of the fact that I’ve been disabled in hit and run pedestrian collision while I was walk across the street on a green light in a marked crosswalk

  • I have children and a mother to look after as I’m a part of the so-called sandwich generation
  • I’m grateful for the people I have in life and for helping out with my family  I want to be able to cover medical expenses, housing expenses and  things for the family to help us maintain the condition is very painful mentally and physically but I must be strong for the family

    I can remember working at rob may dept store  doing employee check in before store hours and one associate who worked there use to always ask me how is your pancreas at that I was about. 19 years old and now I really understand why he always said that to me apparently, the numbers was not in my favor when it came to my nationality it was just alarming how it affects a person of the same descent compared to others .


    I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I need help more than ever. I am so grateful that my mother is a breast cancer survivor I really hope I will be a cancer survivor also.

    The God of heaven and earth I believe is important for me to really have faith in hopefully

    God would display healing blessing Miracles in my life.

      All funds received will use for food and shelter and any medical expenses that is not covered by my health insurance also to help with expenses related to my personal care and possible vehicle expenses or traveling from Chemotherapy to home. This is very stressful as my ability to be able to hold and maintain employment has drop dramatically , As I’m not even permitted to drive after every and chemotherapy session . My plan is to document my everyday battle and progress with this deadly disease and the miracles and blessings I receive 

    I will provide updates on my condition and treatments via  this page


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