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Hello, my name is Annalisa Amador. I’m the second oldest of seven, yes, my mother and father didn’t seem to have TV back then. We are a very proud and private family and tend to help each other as much as possible. My family and I are very close-knit; we always try our hardest to get together and celebrate the good and even the bad times. Our parents are our rock, and we would describe them as superman and wonder woman because of how strong they are. Now we have to all come together to help our parents out because our mother was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. As the oldest daughter, my mother has chosen me as her primary caregiver, so I have been missing work to be able to take my mother to her doctor appointments. Knowing the cost of all her future appointments, my siblings and I have determined that we will need help to get our loving mother into remission or at least get her to have more years with us. As much as it hurts to ask for help, we have no other choice but to ask for help. I need to be able to provide a roof over my mother’s head and be able to afford her treatments as well. So now here I am reaching out to everyone that may see this and asking for help from the bottom of my heart as well as my sibling’s heart. We are not ready to lose our mother so I will do anything I can to prevent losing my mom.  I want to thank everyone that finds it in their heart to donate to my mom thank you all so very much.


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