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Myles has lived many lives. Immigrant, mason, cop, traveler, cancer survivor, brother and most meaningful husband, father and grandfather. In last years of Myles’ life he added a Dementia and Parkinson’s’ along with mini strokes, falls and many visits to the hospital. Myles’ conditions have taken a dramatic turn for the worst. A fall lead to a hospital visit, rehab center stint and a realization of Myles next move making him comfortable at home. There are group homes for physical ailments and cognitive ailments, but none that specialize in both. Living at home will require as much home care as he can afford. As a fall risk is it best if he be with someone 24 hours a day. He has a loving wife who cares for him at home, but he needs more care to survive. A retired police officer Myles has a gut instinct to protect and serve the people most important to him. He may be at the mercy of the diseases, but his love for doing the right thing by his family is strong. Any help to keeping him safe at home while minimizing the financial strain on his family will allow a good man to live his final days utilizing what little peace of mind he has left.


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