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I Rodney A. Coles a 69yr old male disabled veteran on social security who has been diagnosed with stage 3 of the sigmoid colon and the rectosigmoid junction which spans approximately 5.6 cm presently having to undergo 28 days of treatment consisting of 3000 mg of Chemo in the Am, Radiation treatment Mid-morning and 3000 mg again in the evening for colon cancer, My body is starting to experience the side effects of that treatment and  I also have a prior diagnosis of COPD which has left me unable to work for several years now.  Therefore, I have been on a fixed income of $1,600 a month which left me with a $1,245.87 hospital bill,  I am in need of financial assistance to fill in the gaps of income that my spouse will lose by assisting with my care before and after the required Treatment of Chemo and Radiation and Surgery with the possibility of another round of Chemo and Radiation I am in serious need of some financial assistance with medical co-pays, mortgage payments for approximately 5 months, transportation cost to and from treatment facilities, assistance with household food, and personal bills along with many other household needs. This illness has put an undue amount of stress on my spouse, with having to take a large amount of time off from work as she is the main financial support in the household, which will also cause a lot of undue stress on my household in the near future. any assistance with these items would be greatly appreciated


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