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I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer in July of 2022. I am a self-employed carpenter but have been able to work much. The doctor’s have now given me 6 months to live. Any monies donated will be used to pay medical bills, rent, and groceries.  My wife is 72 years old, retired, and only receives a small Social Security check. She is currently trying to do the work that I am unable to do, which has taken a toll on her as well. She helps with buying materials, cleaning, hauling materials, painting, and anything else that her 100 pound body will allow her to do. She tries to take as much burden off me as possible. She is a Saint and I would like to pay off some of my medical bills and not leave her stranded with this burden. I have worked really hard all my life and helped other people as much as I could. I never thought in my life I would need to ask others to help me, but cancer is really hard and has humbled me as a person. I just feel like I need to try anything to help my wife. She will struggle and try to pay all the bills but the cost of on-going treatments and my inability to work only increases. If anyone can find it in their heart to help, I will be greatly appreciative. Only God knows what the future holds, and we continue to pray everyday for a cure for this horrible disease. Thank you.


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