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I’m tired of public transportation😩 I need a new car🤔

I am a single parent. With three kids. I’m done riding public transportation. Dealing with the homeless people who become aggressive is challenging.😨 Bus drivers who pass you  up if you’re not right up to the stand😤 Whopping Discounts On 2016 Cars! Get a New Car Internet Deal NowFree, Fast, Easy · Authorized DealersImage result …
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Gib Ponder Fund

I had an accident and totaled my car. I have been not been able to work for almost a year because if injuries and surgeries. I need a vehicle despartely. If you would be so kind to make a donation, I would be eternally grateful. God Bless. Sincerely, Gib Ponder

Linda’s Necessity Fund

Hi everyone, my name is Linda Nguyen and I am 37 years old. I want to first say, how very humble I am to learn of this organization. I would like to thank everyone here and all others who are supporters of my story and my daughter’s future. Here is where I will begin my …
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Buying Two Cars for Two Volunteers

Dear Friends: Please help Two dedicated Volunteers with Vehicles to continue their community outreach. One is Louis Vargas, a new friend doing outreach work on his own to help sick people in prison. I met him at a meeting to form teams for charity fundraising for medical outreach.  But Louis gave up his car to …
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20 Month Old Twins Seperated and Needs your help!!!

Trenton Lee Allen, 20 months old, diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, called Nueroblastoma. He was diagnosed in April 2016. He has had five different surgeries to date. The first surgery the doctors made an incision across his tummy where they originally done his biopsy of the tumor in his stomach. The tumor originally measured …
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No longer a victim….. but a fighting survivor

Hello my name is Raven, I am 23 with 2 children Chloe and Cincere. I have recently split from my husband due to domestic violence.  My children and I had to relocate and during this process he took the car, now Im in a new city with no family and friends starting my life over, …
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Lung cancer

This is abby, she’s fighting for her life, we have so many bills and just don’t have enough, we lost our house and now I’m living in a shelter, i work a part time but make 9.00 a hour but some times i cant make it to work because my little abby gets so bad …
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A New Beginning for Kathi

My mother has struggled with hip dysplasia since birth. It has debilitated her to the point of not being able to do what she is truly passionate about which is working with children who have special needs. In August of this year she took the plunge and had a total hip replacement surgery on her …
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Time to Start Over

Hello, I am a husband, father, son, and most importantly a friend. I have been without employment for the past six years. During this time, I chose to go back to school to receive my Bachelor’s degree. I have just completed and received it in March of this year. Now I am looking for work …
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Hello, My name is Shelley, I have had a rather serious incident in which everything that I own in my home, and my car was lost. I was moving to a new location driving a small rental truck. My car was being towed on the back. The truck broke down. I called the moving company\\\’s …
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