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My fellow brother is in need for help with medical and his vehicle needs a motor for him to be able to get to work to take care of his babies. He is on dialysis and in need of medical necessity plz help this family to hit our goal for them. The job he has there is no freight for him to haul to make money for his family and bills they have two wonderful children that he would do anything for love to show this family that we can pull together and make it right to help them get through this hard times. He’s the only sole support of his family his wife has to take care of the little ones I know there’s hope out there with the friends and folks will push to help this campaign hit it’s goal….I pray every day for this country to get better and for ppls health to be strong I myself is in bad health but when I see a brother that\’s close with a beautiful family struggling I would do everything I can to see they get the help they need…. hopefully we can raise our goal to help the family in need of there’s anything you can donate plz do I’m not asking for big donations just trying to reach our goal to help the family in a time of needing. With the holidays coming and no work sick with bills it is a lot of stress on the family…


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