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Hi, My Name is Calvin I was a Security Officer until August 30th, 2022. I was on shift in Los Angeles at a cannabis distro and was a victim of an armed robbery. Although I wasn’t the intended target, I became the target once I and the shooter made eye contact. I was shot at 10 times, with one bullet piercing and breaking my leg (bullet through knee) and a piece of bullet fragment remains in my bone. I was in the hospital for four days before having surgery. 30 Staples and 7 long screws and 3 metal stents are now permanent in my leg. I have no family to rely on and lost my only way of income, with food prices so high my EBT is barely enough to feed me and my son. I am asking for donations to help with my living situation, I was evicted from the room I was renting because after getting shot, I was no longer working, and the company I was working for had no medical coverage for employees, no work injury rehabilitation coverage and no workers compensation, so I am financially struggling and sleeping on friends and coworkers’ couches and on my last few dollars. I wasn’t able to afford a way to get the staples removed after my wounds closed so I had to remove my staples with pliers and pull them out. I have a 3-year-old son that I have living with his mother, and I am not able to fully attend work and do what I can for a couple dollars but it’s not enough to buy diapers, wipes, etc. The day after I was shot my car was towed and I had no money to get it out and lost my only way to get to work, I also used to sleep in my car before renting a room and pick up my son from daycare. I am currently homeless and now using a cane instead of a walker asking for donations to catch a break from my injury and to get my situation together. Anything Helps, I appreciate everything and praying for a break.


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