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In August 2021, my cancer journey started. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and underwent treatment to heal it. On December 24, 2021, things took a turn for the worse. I had a stroke and passed away after 1 hour and 45 minutes. Thankful God let me come back to be with my 3 daughters. But I was put in hospice and was now confined to a wheelchair at 38 years old. On May 27, 2022, I thought I would be cancer free because I had the thyroid removed and was ready for recovery, but life had other plans. After multiple tests I learned, I had blood cancer and SLE lupus and now I’m in this current fight. It has been a long arduous journey. I have lost everything, my car, my home, and some friends but I never lost my faith.¬† I must be honest it’s hard asking for help when you are used to helping others, but I need help badly, not just for me but for my three young daughters as well. If God places, it upon your heart to help me I will truly be grateful to you. I still go to my treatments and different hospitals, right now I am going to a hospital 3 hours away that specializes in treatment. I still have therapy due to the face that my strength especially on my left side is very weak and I am unstable on my feet.¬†Everyday is hard for me but I know God will provide and guide me through this process


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