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My Name is John Watts. I am a 67 Years Old who has been a Class B Truck Driver, Grey Hound Bus Driver, and Independent Contractor without Owning any of these Vehicles. For the pass 40 Years. Eleven of those years I was a waste disposal truck driver picking and disposing all kinds of waste, it wasn’t pretty. I have been in service of many Companies and many People over these Years. Just recently this pass February I decided to be a LYFT Contract Driver by using a rental. Believe it or not the Rental was Car Jacked by some teens while I was helping a client removing baggage out of the Trunk of the Car than crashed the Car. And so I was out of Work for a period of time. But I was able to get a Car by way of Hertz car Rental and pay a car note which at that time was not a problem things where going good. But I think I was behind the wheel a little to much. I had a passenger in the car and I was distracted by a event on the road and did not notice the light had turned red and could not stop on time and I rear ended the vehicle ahead of me. The worst thing about the accident is the Insurance Co. refuse to pay for the damage because I was a RideShare Driver which was not explained to me. I was At this point in my life I can no longer be a Truck Driver any more because I am suffering from groin and hip area Pain. I have great difficulty walking distance for a long periods. And climbing in and out of a Commercial Vehicle. Life is becoming more and more difficult, I am presently living in the area where Public Transportation is not too accessible and I have not been able to work. I am 4 month behind in my Rent and receiving therapy and can not work. And I need to purchase a Vehicle in order to continue Living my Life and maybe do some type of car Delivery Service. I have worked for Papa John as a delivery driver which is not hard work and good money. Please Help John Watts


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