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Ralph Collins was a truck and bus driver for most of his life, but in a split second, his driving career ended and the family went from middle class to below the poverty level.

What happened? Ralph suffered a stroke while driving a bus! Thankfully, he had trained his sons, so they were able to stop the bus and get help.  

Ralph is also fighting to save his legs and feet due to damage from diabetes. Ralph is totally disabled!  Due to rising rents, 75% of his check goes to rent.  This leaves the family with little for utilities, gas, medicines, and other necessities. The oldest son was diagnosed with diabetes in July 2022.  Their refrigerator warranty ended in August 2022 and a few days later, the refrigerator stopped working. 

If these were not enough, their car desperately needs a tune-up, plus electrical work to solve a problem that prevents the use of the headlights on dim. Reliable transportation is crucial as several doctors are 50-70 miles from their home. 

Due to Ralph being totally disabled, the program they are on, has severe restrictions regarding the type and amount of work family members can do. Some of the requirements are specialized classes to be able to work.  His wife and sons are attending these classes. The classes finish in December, and afterward, they can then work.  Help is needed while they finish.

The family needs a minimum of $3500 to meet their needs for the next couple of months.  Together we can help them meet their needs and then be able to stand on their own! 

Also helping the family reduces stress on Ralph, which reduces his chance of another stroke or death! Please pray and help in any way you can! The family greatly appreciates any help given!


Steve Byrd,

A friend and minister


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