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Displaced Family in Need

Our family at South Pine Elementary School in Charlotte, NC is in desperate need to help one of our staff members.  Sadly on 7/23/2021 their family of 9 lost everything in an accidental house fire.  They just recently moved from New York to Charlotte.  They are currently renting while they await their house to be …
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Help upgrade my box to an actual place!!!

Trying to raise funds for myself, my girlfriend, and our dog. I am 35 and have been out of work due to my epilepsy for about 6 months before the pandemic hit our homes. Unfortunately due to Covid I lost my home and vehicle as well. Its been a very tough road for us. My …
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Cancer Surgery Needed for Joe Garry

Thank you for taking time to read more about my campaign. First off, I never thought I would be in a situation where I would be seeking donations for medical expenses. It is indeed very humbling, if not down-right embarrassing as I have always been quite gainfully employed with above average income and benefits. But …
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Medical, Helping soldiers

I am 64 years old and have ordered to get Physical Therapy for my Cervical Spinal Stenosis and Lower Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.  I am only on Medicare and will have to pay the difference.  I can’t afford it. I am also helping a friend send supplies to soldiers supplies, food and fluids overseas and need …
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homophobic family, runaway

Hi, im a runaway because my family is homophobic, they dont abuse me but i dont feel comfortable living with them. i am 18 years old. i dont have a job yet but a little money would help. thank you

Help me, Meggie

Mi nombre es Meggie Herrera, vivo en Chicago, IL. Desde cuando comenzó la pandemia del COVID 19 he estado sin trabajo, en marzo del 2020. Para empeorar las cosas mi salud también ha ido del mal a peor. Por cuestiones del trabajo anterior, en dicho trabajo hacia viajes a Honduras con encomiendas en maletas muy …
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Care For The Caregiver

This request is written with the full knowledge and permission of Chaplain Samuel and his wife, Noela. Their last names have been withheld to preserve their privacy. Hello, I’m Chaplain Michael. I serve as an overnight chaplain at a midwestern, 500 bed, Level-1 trauma center. I am blessed to be a part of a phenomenally …
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Critical Spinal Fluid Replacement Surgery Needed

My Fiancée Diana needs Critical Spinal Fluid Replacement Surgery and Funding Help. This is her second surgery and the most important one. The Spinal Institute wants the money upfront, or they won’t operate, and she may not survive if left as she is. Her fluid is so low that she WILL BE PARALYZED from the …
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Money for 11 Arrested Moorish Armed Americans

The 2nd Amendment is to be enjoyed by all except under the most extreme circumstances, such as significant mental illness or inadequacy, a conviction of a serious violent crime, or threat made. “Prior restraint” on the 2nd Amendment in the form of permits, licenses, background checks, training, insurance, etc are an infringement. These infringements are …
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