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I’ll soon make a video with more detail, and the link will be here when it’s up. Basically, we found out that my dad had been abusing drugs for a very long time now. Though, only as recently as last year on somewhere in October, he started to act different. He became paranoid, and obsessed thinking that we were being targeted by someone or something. At first, we thought he had gotten involved with the wrong crowd, but it was so much more. One night he freaked out on my mom saying that he saw her doing stuff she never did like “hiding a statue of death” under their bed and supposedly plotting stuff with people that don’t exist. He began screaming at her to get out of the house, so I went to calm him and deescalate the situation. At first, I had no idea what was happening, so I heard him out, but then he began telling me that he saw witches flying in the night sky then proceeded to get the water hose and began spraying the house like a mad man while sweating drastically. I was shocked and had no idea what was happening, so I just calmed him and told him to sleep it off.

The next day my mom explained everything. She told me she had found drugs in his jeans multiple times. She told me how she suffered in silence for so long because she did not want to get me, and my brothers involved. From that moment on we tried to understand him and tried our best to help him. We sat down and talked to him and at first, he seemed to be cooperating; but as time went on it got worse, and we knew he hadn’t stopped. He began inspecting the house for the smallest details and began scratching the insurance stickers off our cars and cutting slits into the walls. Sometimes he wouldn’t sleep and would walk around the house at night scaring my mom and my little brothers. It was obvious my father wasn’t present, and it was the product of years of drug abuse. We tried multiple interventions throughout the months and each time he promised to get better he’d just fall back into it. Only recently, it got REALLY BAD. We had to call the cops on him at one point because he was escalating things and we feared he might do something that would harm him or us. As soon as we called, he calmed down and they obviously couldn’t do anything because things didn’t escalate. We finally asked him to leave one day, and he did… for a couple hours and came back. He came back saying it was all a joke and that we would be fine; completely shrugging off the pain and trauma he was causing my mom, my brothers and myself like it was a joke.

One thing you should know is he is a huge manipulator and a liar. He said he would accept help from a doctor and when the doctor called, he didn’t pick up and told my mom he had talked with him. My mom however soon found out that it was a lie, and this happened twice. I had to stop working because I fear leaving him alone with my mom. My mom and brothers have been heavily affected both emotionally and mentally. He broke our Wi-Fi router once because of his paranoia and he keeps messing with our new one not telling us why. He gets mad a lot and argues with my mom, and I have to be there to protect her, and my brothers hear every single fight. We’ve gotten family and close friends involved but he says he won’t get help and denies that his mind is damaged from drug abuse. He starts fights and won’t let us rest because he says that we are being spied on and that there are holes in the house where people can see us through. He refuses to see that he is hurting us and blames it all on us. The day I write this is the day that I had enough. We’ve asked him to leave but now he wants money when he already has plenty to stay with a friend. Now he is refusing to leave and isn’t even trying to hide anything anymore. My mom hasn’t been able to work much because of her mental health and I have to be here to protect her from him. He is far from seeing the damage he is doing to the family and doesn’t even care how we feel about it.

  He constantly laughs in our face about it, and we can’t really do anything anymore. He doesn’t want help and thinks he is perfectly fine, and he will not leave and is now demanding money that we barely have. So today, I ask for the help of anyone who is willing to help. Help us raise enough money to move my family out to a safer home. He won’t leave us alone so we will find another home because my mom and brothers don’t feel safe anymore. I recently applied for a job again, but I’m really scared to leave the house when him and my mom are alone with my brothers. I will most definitely not feel comfortable working knowing my dad can snap at any moment because of this paranoia. Please, I just want to move my mom and brothers forward so they can continue living normal lives without having to fear being at home every day. All proceeds will go to my mom and brothers so they can live comfortably. We do hope my dad voluntarily seeks help one day and we hope that he recovers. We’ve tried everything but it’s obvious he needs to hit rock bottom for him to realize what he has lost. Right now, he often gets really smug and scoffs in our faces for failing to make him leave.

  One day my real dad will return to us and will be ready to accept help, but right now he is very far from that. He still lies, manipulates and takes our peace away by starting unnecessary arguments. We once had to take away a weapon from him because he began to hallucinate and thought we were being spied on. So, we live in constant fear and stress, and it is really hard to move forward dealing with him every day. Anything helps, but please help me get my mom and brothers out of this situation and move them somewhere safe. They’ve been through enough pain and trauma. If you cannot contribute with money sharing also helps. Please and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have faith we can do this for my mom and brothers, we are all tired and just want some peace to continue moving forward.


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