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Esperanza Viva Raising Funds for the Orphanage
Esperanza Viva

We want to thank everyone who participated in sending us to Esperanza Viva to partner with other families and grow a community of love and friendship between ourselves and this beautiful community in Puebla Mexico! Our kids along with the other 8 children on this trip led 5 full days and evenings of art, craft, …
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Hoping for a miracle

Hello. We are looking for help PLEASE!  We have hit desperation here and I am asking (begging) for help for my family. We are behind on everything and struggling to catch up. My husband became ill three years ago and his boss of 30 years terminated him stating he was a liability. My husband found …
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Divine Destiny Online

This campaign is closed as we have moved to another platform: https://www.generosity.com/faith-religion-fundraising/divine-destiny-church-school

Single Mother Desperately Needing Christmas Help

<p>My name is Brandy and this is literally one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. Swallowing my pride &amp; asking for help for my children &amp; myself. My son Jackson, has been battling a what started out as a viral respiratory infection in August. Then quickly turned into a …
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The Suzanne Fund

<p>My name us Suzanne and I’m 46 years old. 3 years ago I was run over by a drunk driving. I was left with a broken back, 5 broken ribs and nerve damage in my left foot. I am waiting for an appeal with disability because the judge denied me benefits. I am living with …
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please help me keep my home

My husband & I need help because he fell in our house & broke his hip, he was working but because he fell at home he can not get unemployment & must wait 7 months to get disabilty, meanwhile we are running low on money, the bills keep getting higher we do not have enough …
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Hoping to Get Back on Track

I am a single father of one daughter residing in Los Angles.  Recently, my bank account was emptied out by unscrupulous individuals who clearly enjoyed not working for a living.   While the bank investigated the matter,  checks issued to pay bills bounced and overdraft fees accumulated.  Even though the bank eventually credited my account with …
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Glenda Hill

This person in need is my sister Glenda.  As most of you know she’s been a faithful servant of God all her life.  She has served the House of God with diligence and compassion.  Glenda is a prayer warrior, a giver and a pastor to many. As most of you know Donnie, Glenda’s husband has …
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Blessing Boxes (care kits for the homeless)

Hello my name is Sophia and i’m trying to bring the community together to provide a basic need for the homeless. You see them on the street. Holding a cardboard sign. Asking for help. You feel powerless. Unsure if there is anything you can say or do to help. I started a go fun me account …
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Help a lady that has been helping others for decades!

This lady has dedicated her life to helping everybody despite her own illness the past several years. now , her disease has progressed (reflex sympathetic dystrophy and dystonias) so much, and her husband walked out the night beofre her first of many brain and spine surgeries. She is behind on her home payments and taxes …
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Time is running out

We are trying very hard to keep ours heads above water.  I cannot work due to cancer and a botched operation site.  My sister and nephew are looking.  My sister will soon be able to draw unemployment but it may be too late.  I have another sister that has moved in with us after my …
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Robbed first day in L.A

Recently I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream in becoming a successful musician and writer. The day I got here I parked my car at a CVS parking lot closest to my friends apartment that I was fortunate enough to be staying at for a little bit. It was my first night in …
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