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I am seeking support from anybody who might have it to donate. I am a retired nurse who cannot afford to retire, I was employed but am not able to work currently due to needing spine surgery. I need money for things like transportation funds, food to eat, to keep up with my monthly rent/bills & to manage during this time I cannot support myself. Anything helps.  This is hard for me to ask for help, especially during the Christmas season when everybody has loved ones to buy gifts for, but I must humble myself and ask for help because I know there are many good people out there that might have a buck or two to help someone in need. Which good faith I am asking for donations of whatever you can spare to get me back and forth to my appointments and just to get by. My last paycheck will be on the 24th for $200 which isn’t much. Long story short in this unexpected time with no preparation I need help. Please donate what you can that’s all I ask this Christmas my lord has encouraged me to reach out and ask. Thank you and I will help in return once I’m on my feet. Thank you all.    Please let me know if you’ve read this even if you can’t help. It’s more lonely with no responses. Merry Christmas, may your days be bright may you live in the light. God bless you.


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