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 I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas season! I am reaching out to you to ask if you can add one more gift to your Christmas giving this year.
I asked God to send me a man that would love me unconditionally. He sure did; God blessed me with a man that would love me unconditionally and forever. Ayden is my blessing, my world, my everything. My miracle baby ( especially being told I couldn’t have kids; 38 years later,) I am blessed with a blessing. I come to you with a heavy heart and desperate need of help.
December 2, 2022, Ayden was diagnosed with Autism as he Is delayed in speech, communication, and social skills, to name a few, He’s susceptible to certain textures, tastes, movements, and sounds, like flushing the toilet or if I am vacuuming. Ayden is 3; He loves cars and trucks, anything that lights up. He loves to be tickled and hugged. He loves music and likes to dance. Ayden is nonverbal but says maybe 12 words right now I have faith he will be talking more by the new year, There are different ticks he does that’s how we communicate. Every day is a new adventure with Ayden, but he sure knows how to keep me on my toes.
I am reaching out because I am in desperate need of help, guidance, or any ideas, advice or knowledge, please send them my way. This is all new to me. I never did this before, nor do I ever ask for help I just figure out a way, and whatever it takes, good or not my style of getting it but I call that my survival beast mode, but this month has taken me for a spin. I don’t know if anyone can help if I don’t ask, I need a reliable car, even if it’s $1000. He needs winter clothes and a coat. He has many appointments and therapies weekly, sometimes two times a day. It is tough to maintain and keep his appointments without reliable transportation. Ayden needs clothes; since he’s sensitive to certain textures or materials, and half the time, he takes his clothes off, so having two pairs of pants and not having winter clothes, I just work with what I got for the time being.
It is a very long journey that I don’t think anyone can ever really be prepared for until it happens to them. Just when I least expected on top of all this to be sick with Covid-19, well in fact us both. It has been rough and I have to get better to take of Ayden, I don’t have any help. Thank Goodness I don’t have the fever part, but poor lil man does. I haven’t worked much, my disability is in appeal status, missed my appointment for one of his appointments. From having a fixed income to no income is a big change, not something I ever imagine going through.
Thank you all for reading my story. Ayden sends his big smiles and hugs to you all. I know these are very tough times, and if you can’t donate, your positive thoughts and prayers will go a long way! Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. I humbly ask that if you can donate anything…Please do. If you do not have money but have clothes or something you want to donate, please do.

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