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Suffering from dementia, depression, anxiety, and labyrinthitis nystagmus (SEVERE vertigo). Please do not judge a book by its cover! This picture is several weeks old! This was when I was able to work and keep up my appearance. I was recently fired due to filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim. A few days after I filed the claim, the company said my “assignment ended!” This was completely not true as it was a Temporary to Permanent position. Since I got wrongfully fired, I have been trying EVERYTHING to keep a roof over my head! If I get evicted, I have nowhere else to go. I have applied to TONS of positions both in person and online!! I am not lazy. I have worked hard all of my life! I have worked since I was 15 years old. To name just a few: In Offices, Warehouses, Caregiving Centers, Pizza Delivery, Target, Ice Cream shops, Nanny, Babysitting and Fast-Food Restaurants. Right now, the Job Market is saturated with people trying to make more money because of inflation prices so tons of people are applying to the same jobs I am. I am SO desperate I have been trying EVERYTHING (and I mean EVERYTHING) to get a job! I support myself. Family can’t help in anyway. Please, I do not want to be homeless!! I am on food assistance. I have had major anxiety attacks ever since this happened making my non-contagious medical condition worse.  I had medicine for it but cannot afford it anymore. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep and have become extremely depressed. I also have dementia. I cannot afford a doctor.  ANYTHING, absolutely ANYTHING you can give is GREATLY appreciated! God Bless You!


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