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Let’s Work to Help Micheal fight and Win together

Joseph Malam SOUTHGATE, MI I am Michaels father Joseph Malam , he is married to his loving and caring wife Amy, along with his five children 2 to 17 years old. Michael is fotyfive years old, his life is dedicated to looking after his family. Michael was admitted to Mclaren Hospital PortHuron Michigan his blood …
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Miracle for Ryan

My son, Ryan Mott, was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called DIPG.  Eight months after his diagnosis, he passed away.  It has been almost a year since Ryan has passed, and I still have not been able to pay off his tombstone.  One month ago, my husband of 15 years left me …
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Stephanie’s Quest for Zest of Life

Stephanie has had many battles her entire life. She lost her dad and brother when she was a child and recently lost her mom and another brother in the last 10 years. That is a lot to endure at only 43 years old. But she continues to fight her biggest battle which is diabetes. It …
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Veteran in Need

I am a veteran in need of help. I am behind on rent, have no groceries, only a few sets of clothes. I am looking for help, I have a job, I work from home, but I am also unable to pay my Internet bill so I can keep my job. I don’t have a …
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Angy the warrior fighting leukemia

Hello we are starting a fund raiser for Angy, she is a brave little warrior battleing leukemia (cancer) the donation will go for food Angy and also help pay for travel expenses for her and the family because the hospital (Loma Linda Children Hospital) is far from home and have to travel all the time. …
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Funeral expenses for Albert L Reichle Jr

Hi, My name is Rebekah, I lost my father Sunday night about 2am on January 15th of 2017 . Mom and I were going thru his papers and we found out he let his life insurance laps a couple years ago. He couldn’t afford it any longer and didn’t tell any of us. My parents were living …
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I am in need dental work

I have been needing serious dental work for many years.  I have applied to the dental school in my area and was accepted as a patient. The money I may receive here would help get my dental work done. I am 66 years old with many medical problems. I also have my daughter and her …
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Need help with burying my grandmother.

Dear God’s people please help me in my time of sorrow and grief. Tragic events befell before me my grandmother passed away today and I am trying to get money for the funeral services I have only two thousand dollars need four thousand more please help me in my time of sorrow and despair.

Across Country for Freedom

Me and my boyfriend have embarked on a journey across the United States. We left on foot from Neosho, MO in search of God’s direction. We feel that He is calling us to Raleigh, NC. We are hoping to get there and get into environmental and clean energy work. Where we are from has no …
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Shelley Beardsley Memorial fund

Epilepsy is a MONSTER!  My dear sister in law, Shelley Beardsley battled this demon most of her life. It took much away from her. It stole from her many of the thing we take for granted on a daily basis.  However, even with those challenges, Shelley continued to persevere. She managed to work a full-time job in …
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Jeffrey Tafoya’s Cremation

Jeffrey Tafoya went to his forever home on November 20, 2016. Jeffrey was a special needs man who defied all odds and lived well beyond what doctors had expected. He stayed strong to bring smiles to all of his families faces. With a heavy heart, he left behind his mother, siblings, and nieces and nephews. …
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fundraising campaign
Sawyer Belle Madsen

Thanksgiving is our favorite time of year. Susan and I celebrated our 49th anniversary on the 22nd with a reunion in Iowa of all our kids and their families from across the country. On the 23rd, our youngest granddaughter tragically died. She was brought to life by her parents and life-flighted to Blank Children’s Hospital in …
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