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I have been diagnosed with 3 separate cancers since 2015.  Renal cell carcinoma, I lost part of one of my kidneys. B Cell lymphoma I am currently not in remission.  Most recently an aggressive form of melanoma which I am currently undergoing treatment for.  They will not treat the lymphoma again until they can get the melanoma under control.  Due being highly anemic from the lymphoma things on a daily basis are struggle. Shopping for food or cleaning my house is nearly impossible at the moment.  I really need help currently with food and rental money as my disability barely covers my expenses. My rent just went up $300 a month.   I need to get my apartment cleaned as it’s just too much for me right now.  Even getting up to cook a meal is extremely difficult.    Apparently I make too much money on my disability income to qualify for any help such as food stamps. Any financial help I can get now would be a godsend.  I’d really like to buy a car it would make it so much easier to get around for my appointments. I am completely alone my family is all deceased & I  have no one to rely on but myself. I love art and would love to be able to buy some art supplies to make something beautiful for my children. Something they could have when I’m gone. It is very difficult for me to ask for help. I have been so self sufficient my entire life.   Blessings and good health to all.


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