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Hello. My name is Kristen and I met Billie Jo through a transaction on our local buy nothing site on Facebook. We got to talking and became friends and I am creating this campaign, with her permission (after some convincing), to help them out.  Her husband, Brian, is dying of Glioblastoma. This is a rare brain cancer that cannot be cured. It is aggressive and terminal. Brian was diagnosed on August 20th and he underwent surgery and radiation/chemo. The procedures do not cure it but buy the person time (at times). He is down to his last few weeks/months and Hospice is involved. He did apply for disability, and was granted it but it took several months. Billie Jo continues to work to try to pay the bills.  Billie Jo and Brian are high school sweethearts. They are soulmates and love each other very much. They are one of those rare couples that get together young and make it. They only have eyes for each other. They have two daughters and several grandchildren with more on the way. Their grandchildren adore their grandpa. Billie Jo is struggling, watching her partner wither away and is struggling with not only the physical challenges this disease is presenting but the emotional and financial ones as well. Brian is unable to eat and is surviving on sips of water. Brian and Billie Jo are the type of people who have always worked hard and help others when they can. Through meeting them, I was able to set up a Christmas project to help provide them a decent Christmas. Billie Jo not only didn’t ask for ANYTHING for herself, but also offered to clean my house for free. This is the type of people they are.  I was not asked to do this. I offered and asked to help. It took Billie Jo a few weeks to say yes. Being able to help take some of the burden off this wonderful couple would be a blessing. I am asking for donations to help with daily household bills and necessities and funeral costs for Brian. Being only 52 they were not planning for that expense, as most don’t at that young age. Please consider contributing what you can and share this on your Facebook. Any amount could help this wonderful couple and ease the burden in these last weeks and months Billie Jo and Brian that this horrible disease has created in their lives. 

*ALL donations go directly to Billie Jo and Brian!


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