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Hello …. I guess I will get right to it . I have kidney cancer and the doctor isn’t waiting for any miracle. The doc already took one and is going back in for the second.   With that said there is going to be a big change in my family. I am single grandmother raising two young grandsons while their father is away. That being a struggle in itself now being diagnosed with kidney cancer.  Death is always just around the corner; I want to be able to make all this go a little smoother than for seen.  There are expenses that are piling up and unforeseen expenses appearing. The motor blows in my vehicle so i have to depend on others for transportation making it difficult to get to doctor appointments. The dryer stops working so i am hanging clothes on the outside line, making the workload harder to get through the day.  The day-to-day stress of everyday bills piling up waiting for disability to start is almost too much. Wondering if there will be anything left when it does start? If you can help or if you can give in a positive and productive manner, I know of a few grandchildren that you will be giving them back a day with their grandma that cancer is stealing from them. I can only promise anything that isn’t used in the appropriate manner will be paid forward to the next person, family, persons in need.   Thank you for taking the time to read my story may Gods favor be your future.


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