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UPDATE 1/27/23: Thanks to the generosity of friends and family we were able to get the truck fixed! 

I’m still in need of financial assistance.  Mom’s bills keep arriving and it’s a daily struggle to keep. 

Please share my story with others who may be willing to help.

Thank you and God Bless!


I was raised to be independent,  trusting of others and to fulfill my commitments by an amazing woman, my mother. Therefore,  it is very hard for me to ask for help but as the bible states, “pride comes before the fall” and I’ve fallen.

Christmas 2022 mother fell and broke her hip. I moved in with her to help her recovery thinking she’d only need me for a few weeks. She fell again January 2021 and the doctors found a cancer mass in her right pelvic area.  The news turned our worlds upside down. I was building a new house, getting ready to start life with my fiance and moving to an area slightly off grid. All of it had to be put on hold. I became a fulltime care giver for the woman I loved, my beautiful mother and best friend. I managed her appointments. Took her to chemotherapy and then radiation treatments for weeks. I coordinated with the rehab nurses coming to the apartment several days a week. I cooked, cleaned the apartment,  did laundry, shopped for groceries and picked up her medication.  These things were no more than she’d done for me, as a single mom, my entire life. My mom’s cancer was in remission by October 2021. Her anemia was getting worse and she was receiving blood transfusions more regularly.  By December 2021 her blood test showed kidney issues and she was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney disease. As we worked to tackle the new diagnosis mother started hurting in the right hip. Spring 2022 her oncologist shared that the cancer was back and spreading quicker than before. Now mother needed to decide if she wanted dialysis, radiation or both. Through prayer and much contemplation my mother chose to not treat anything but live comfortably as long as possible. We played Scrabble.  Layed in bed together watching old westerns. Discussed memories of crazy trips we’d taken. Laughing and crying at the same time while holding hands. When the time came, hospice arrived to help manage mother’s pain. The nurses and pastor were very helpful for me and her. Mother passed in her sleep August 2022 in her apartment. I not only lost my mother but my best friend. It had been the two of us since I was 11 years old.  Once gone I discovered my mother didn’t have life insurance. I couldn’t work while taking care of her and now I’m struggling to make funeral  plans, finish my house and start the next chapter of my life. I talk to her every day and pray that support will come.


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