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I unexpectedly lost my 31 year old son, Vincent, on May 4th 2022. I am raising funds for cremation, funeral and service expenses for him. Vincent had no insurance and leaves behind a wife and 10 year old daughter. I along with his wife are doing our best to try to make it through this horrible situation. I stand here today with a broken heart. The loss of my child is something I NEVER could have prepared for. I am not ready, nor will I ever be ready to say goodbye to my son. Thank you Vince for coming into my life although if only for a short time. Thank you for choosing me as your mother. The memories I hold of you will live on forever in my heart and soul.  I just want to give my son the beautiful memorial he deserves. Vincent was loved by his family as well as many friends. He will be forever missed.  We are from the Great Lakota Nation. Unfortunately we are unable to receive any funeral assistance because we are not enrolled members. This is the reason we are seeking donations. If you’ve never attended a Native funeral I will tell now about it’s beauty. There will be a drum group to sing honor songs for Vincent, many prayers will be spoken. I will also be feeding all who attend and gifting the drum group and others quilts because these are our ways. I live from pay check to paycheck and never thought I would have to bury my child. Anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for time

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