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Hello my name is Toya Palconayo . I am a tripple negative breast cancer survivor. I am 48 years old ,single and have no children. I am preparing for radiation,my last step of cancer treatment. During chemotherapy I was able to pick up temp work as a cook. My chemo ended August 10.  I had …
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Renee Reed/Helen Pawlowski

I’m opening this fundraiser to help my dear friend Renee Reed whom is a full time care giver for her 89 year old mother. Ms. Helen has had a lot of medical problems and now is pretty much bed ridding but has to do dialysis 3 times a week. They have to transport her by …
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As Jaxon fights to live, he needs a home to come home to

Meet Jessica & Jaxon, Jaxon was immediately rushed to the NICU an hour or more away from home right after being born, His throat was constricted shut, he needed an operation to open it, also he happen to inherit his daddy’s & grandma’s breathing disorder which also constrict the airways. He has spent most of …
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single mom of 3 getting evicted and car stolen! looking for work!

Hello, My name is Ashley.  I’m a single mother of three beautiful teenagers.  We are the verge of being evicted from our home our electric and other utilities are about to be disconnected any time.  I am a recovering addict been clean and on the right path since July 22, 2017, After getting out of …
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Trying not to give up

I am a 45-year-old woman living in Alabama from California. I was brought here to Alabama when I was 13 and pregnant my grandmother worked at a California hospital who allowed her to get an abortion pill somehow only to bring me here to Alabama and give it to me in which my five month …
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Can I Please Get Help w my medical bills

Hi am I Shirley I actually just got into a car accident about two weeks ago in me and my daughter’s medical bills are through the roof if you guys could find it in your hearts to help me with my medical or even just my daughter’s medical bills I would greatly appreciate The help

Please help thanks

Hi my name is Jamie I’m 41 half a 22 daughter  twin daughters 13 and a 4 year old grandson ….I have stage 4 cancer was 4 when found took 6 moths to find no help to me having a psoriasis arthritis for 18 years my iron won’t go higher then 6 should be double …
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I was an entrepreneur with two businesses that was forced to shut down because I was diagnosed with cancer in February 2021.  I would go to work today if I could but cancer has disabled me, leaving me unemployable. Meanwhile as a veteran of two military branches, I am doing my best to secure some …
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After death expenses

In December of 2016 my mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. After surgery to remove part of her right lung, and the cancer, and chemo and radiation she was cancer free until December of 2017 when they found a tumor on her cerebellum.  She went through multiple rounds of chemo and radiation and …
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When a Doctor Needs Angels

I Am the Warrior Queen Dear family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even strangers whose lives I have yet to touch, I am asking you to help me fight cancer.  I hope you will find it in your hearts to give generously. I am reaching out to you in strength and truth, stripping away all the …
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