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MY SON AND I ARE IN A VERY BAD SITUATION WHERE WE ARE BEING EVICTED IF WE DO NOT COME UP WITH $1,185 .03  FOR RENT THAT IS PAST DUE FOR JANUARY, AND AGAIN FEBRUARY 1st Rent due once again. I don’t want to break my lease but the apartments we moved into of course didn’t speak the entire truth when it came to what was included with Rent and what also needed to be paid monthly it’s not even in the lease. We just got out an apartment in September of 2022 we don’t want to lose it or have to leave, I mean it’s not the best place to live but it’s so much better than living on somebody’s couch or shelter. My 7 yr old son and I finally know what it feels like to be home, a home of our own and not someone else’s or even the main thing is we feel safe because we know we have a bed to sleep on a roof over our head and a locked door and not having to have restless nights wondering who’s going to walk through the door or honestly where we staying tonight ?? I need some help just til I can get a full-time job, I work now but it’s only part-time because of it being this time of the year so I’m definitely looking for more work I’ve got to also get a running vehicle to get my son back and forth to school and the doctors and also not have to walk in this cold weather.  If anyone at all would be willing to help us stay safe and warm or knows of a job, I could get more hours so I can keep us off the streets. Please please help if you can, I have rent past due $1,185.03 / rent due on the 1st of February $1,000 and that would give me some time to get something going and be able to save it even if someone is selling a very cheap vehicle please we could possibly make payments. Anything would help thank you and God bless .. God is always GOOD!!


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