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Jesse Michael Switzer, Stage 4 Colon CancerWarrior … Jesse was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer July of 2019 at the age of 47. At the time he and his fiancee, Cherrie Dell Eure had just gotten home from a vacation that was overdue by nearly seven years. The couple had been working very hard to save money for a down payment on their first home together and were well on their way. Then cancer happens. Jesse immediately went into surgery. His colon was diverted with a colostomy and had a port implanted in order to receive chemotherapy. He was no longer able to work. All of their savings quickly vanished. Jesse needed a caretaker so Cherrie Dell was very limited on how much she could work. Over the next couple of years Jesse had multiple surgeries, three different series of chemo therapy and also received radiation treatments including radiosurgery ss Jesse fought for his life and his doctors did everything they could to save his lungs, liver, bladder and prostate from metastasis. Cancer had them on the run having a few close calls. COVID came and stopped Cherrie Dell from working. First because her work as a caterer disappeared and when it returned she was unable to return because of the risk of bringing infection home to an imunocomprimised cancer patient. Then situations for the couple got even more complicated. In May of 2022 Cherrie Dell suffered a traumatic brain injury and had two emergency brain surgeries that were lifesaving. She was hospitalized for a month from ICU to rehabilitation hospital stay. This has rendered her disabled temporarily at least but has been unable to be awarded SSDI benefits. The couple also lost the person who was sharing their home and now had to come up with even more money to cover the rent. The household only receiving Jesse’s one SSDI check monthly which doesn’t cover the whole rent and are still in that same situation. To make things worse their vehicle, a 2009 Subaru outback broke down. The motor blew and needs replacing. The couple continues to struggle to come up with rent, pay utilities and remain healthy. Jesse is about to begin another course of treatment to keep the cancer from spreading. Jesse is able to do some light work but with no transportation, he has little to no options. They are behind on rents and are being sued again by the management company. They badly need to pay some back rent including late fees that have accumulated because no public assistance is allowed to pay for that part. The Subaru can be repaired but the cost will be between $3,000-$4,000. Please help


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