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last month I was assaulted and carjacked right outside my very own home, sad to say knowing who had done this to me was my very own daughter’s father. Knowing him 23 yrs I never thought in my life he would had pulled a gun on me especially with my 7 yr old sitting in the front seat watching EVERYTHING!! SHOWS WHEN YOU REALLY THINK YOU KNOW SOMEONE, WELL SOMETIMES YOU REALLY DON’T. HIM AND HIS LITTLE GIRLFRIEND AFTER ASSAULTING ME AND STEALING MY MOTHER’S VEHICLE ARE STILL TIL THIS DAY DRIVING AROUND IN IT.  KNOWING IT DOES BELONG TO A Police OFFICER AND STILL DO NOT CARE. MY MOM HAD A STROKE ABOUT A MONTH IN A HALF AGO. SHE HAS BEEN VERY SICK AND HAS HAD MANY PROBLEMS WITH HER HEALTH AND HER HEART, SHE WAS NICE ENOUGH TO Loan ME HER TRUCK SO I COULD GET BACK AND FORTH TO WORK AND TO TAKE MY SON TO AND FROM SCHOOL, WELL With HER HEALTH AND THE STRESS ALREADY I WAS NOT WANTING HER TO GET INVOLVED AND I THOUGHT MAYBE THE POLICE WOULD FIND IT AND SHE WOULD NEVER KNOW. WELL, I WAS WRONG!!! SHE DID FIND OUT AND ITS BEEN VERY STRESSFUL AND SHES TRIED TALKING TO THEM ASKING TO PLEASE JUST GIVE HER HER VEHICLE BACK And NOW they were demanding money for her own truck and we know it’s almost been a month now on the 17 th and if it’s even found look who’s had it, it’s definitely not going to be running right or who knows what they’ve even done while driving in it , so it\’s definitely not something she needs to risk being in if it’s even still around. My mother has worked her ass off her entire life and this truck was the only thing she had left that she hadn’t lost or us kids destroyed; her being sick and not getting any better kills me knowing her last days aren’t that far away but she’s stressing over her truck being taken because of me if she would have never let me use it she would still have it and I\’ve literally lost everything since all this and I’m stressing over trying to get her another car. If anyone is willing to help put towards a running vehicle for my mom you don’t understand how very grateful we would be, anything at all will help her and I promise I won’t be driving this time seriously.  If anything, prayers would be awesome too she definitely needs prayers, thank you


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