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Friends of Allen Chesson

My friend Allen Lee Chesson and his wife Tracy and their son are in need of our help. Allen is in the hospital in ICU and will be there for quiet some time and we’re not sure when he’ll be able to come home, more less be able to work. His family really needs our …
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Jeanie and Daryl expense fund

Jeanie Evans, daughter of late Jerry Evans, had a life altering medical event. I, Daryl, have taken some time off work to support and be with Jeanie. This hasn’t been our year with the exception of our beautiful niece Mia born in July. We have been struggling to pay everyday bills (Electric, Water, Mortgage, Food, …
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Disabled Seniors Need Dollars!

No, we’re not Amish, but we live in Lancaster County, PA.  Michael and I are married 32 years and are both physically disabled.  We live on our disability monies, but treating disease has a price.  Prior medical expenses have bankrupted us.  We now have three outstanding hospital bills that need to be paid, and Michael …
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Removing Erupt breast Implant

I am needing help in getting my erupted breast implant removed. left one or just deflated and the right one has become hardened and been having sharp pains shooting through in the right one. I just recently turned 50 yrs old , last year my last parent passed away and I am single , working …
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Marks Mission

I was recently injured falling off of a ladder and broke my leg.  Unfortunately, I have no insurance as Obamacare was too expensive and I do not qualify for Medicaid.   I am now in a position of having to pay cash for my medical bills.   They are quite extensive, expeing to be near …
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In need of Oxygen, Injured and ignored by his employer

My goal is to help Scott Passage pay for his oxygen. Scott’s story like many other workers  is of being poisoned by chemicals and radiation on the Hanford Nuclear Site.  Scott has lost most of his lung function and has had 5 different types of cancers involving his throat. He now has COPD, his lung …
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HELP for my two children and wife

I have two young children and a wife out in the country. We need help paying for my youngest sons medical bills and my wife hospital bulls during her last pregnancy. I work but, its not enough to keep my family fed, pay the rent, gas, car insurance, and these medical bills. I am a …
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Hoping for a miracle

Hello. We are looking for help PLEASE!  We have hit desperation here and I am asking (begging) for help for my family. We are behind on everything and struggling to catch up. My husband became ill three years ago and his boss of 30 years terminated him stating he was a liability. My husband found …
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Poor choice , renewed hope

I had a tubal ligation when I was 27 years of age after having my first child. as a young mother , I was fearful or a rare bone disease MHE being genetically carried down to my child. Yes my one child was healthy , but I missed out on the opportunity of having more …
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