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When life pitches, a batter must be ready to swing and hit a home run like this is his/her only shot to win! Life pitched me cancer. I’m still waiting to bat this slow moving ball. I’m armored up spiritually, so there is no fear. Taken what has been learned; discipline has been my savior. I’m far from weary knowing this space is only big enough for God, lonely. I would love to connect with the outside world more, quarantine is mostly the theme. Without a laptop it’s just a dream. I aspire to continue my education in Business Management, and possibly work from home starting an online retail business. I live alone, and I have been thinking about pet companionship. I like cats over dogs primarily because they are independent and don’t require much attention. My condition keeps me physically tired, I’m only able to walk so far before needing to rest. Someday I wish to travel and see the world. Considering, I was born this way I plan to live my life as I have before my diagnosis. I absolutely heard. I know because of the treatments. The way I found out about my condition was by accident. I would have never thought this would be the outcome. Which has still left me in denial, so when anyone asks: All is well, in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen              
Lastly, I would encourage any young woman beginning at 18 do your breast exams, yes! Go get a mammogram yearly starting as young as possible, cancer is a creeper. It don’t dwell fairly. It puts the strongest of human being under total physical reconstruction of the body; therefore, I will swing with all my strength and knock cancer out of this ball park.🙏🏾


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