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Jonathan Szombathy

We are in need of help with funeral expenses for my bother-in-law.  His name is Jonathan he was a 38 year old son, brother, dad, uncle, cousin and nephew. He has passed unexpectedly and we do not have the money to lay him to rest. I am asking for some help so we can lay …
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Cancer Surgery Needed for Joe Garry

Thank you for taking time to read more about my campaign. First off, I never thought I would be in a situation where I would be seeking donations for medical expenses. It is indeed very humbling, if not down-right embarrassing as I have always been quite gainfully employed with above average income and benefits. But …
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Care For The Caregiver

This request is written with the full knowledge and permission of Chaplain Samuel and his wife, Noela. Their last names have been withheld to preserve their privacy. Hello, I’m Chaplain Michael. I serve as an overnight chaplain at a midwestern, 500 bed, Level-1 trauma center. I am blessed to be a part of a phenomenally …
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Paul’s Journey

Hello everyone, I am trying to raise money for my Grandfathers funeral expenses and his hospital bills. My Grandfather was diagnosed with cancer again early on last year . He was battling this demon off an on . He was a great man! Kind, loving, smart,hardworking, giving Christian man! He was on City Council in …
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Cancer patient breast, brain and liver

Ism rosa I been diagnostic with breast cancer on 2019 after mastectomy they found out that I have a protein hr2 that make my cancer more aggressive and propensities to hide and come back faster on 12/31/2020 they diagnostic with brain cancer do my radiation continue chemotherapy and now on mother day this year been …
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I was an entrepreneur with two businesses that was forced to shut down because I was diagnosed with cancer in February 2021.  I would go to work today if I could but cancer has disabled me, leaving me unemployable. Meanwhile as a veteran of two military branches, I am doing my best to secure some …
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Funeral expenses for Terry Sanderson

Hi, and thank you for taking a read and browse, I am Ryan,  One of Terry Sanderson’s Nephews, He passed away on Saturday and it has been unexpected and untimely. Terry was a good man, who had some health problems in his later years, He had just turned 60. We are not a family that …
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Jeanit Proper Burial

On March 27, 2021 my aunt has died due to diabetes, pulmonary and heart failure and we already give our money to the hospital and medicine and we don’t have enough money for her funeral. We honestly can’t afford the funeral services cause it too expensive. We’re asking for help and understanding.

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