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On January 25, 2023 my brother and I unexpectedly lost our father. He had a stroke which resulted in a brain aneurysm. My father was a very loving and kind human being. He loved music and was passionate about playing the drums. He didn’t have much but when he passed but he gave all he could by helping others through organ donation. He was able to help multiple people and that’s all he ever wanted in life was to help others, we are so incredibly proud of him for that.

He was not married and has 2 children and 7 grandchildren who adore him at the time of his death. My brother and I are trying to help raise money to pay for his cremation and a small celebration of life to honor our fathers 50 years of life on this earth. We are struggling to come up with the money in order to lay our father to rest. He had no life insurance or savings when he passed. We never thought we would lose a parent so soon and its been very difficult on our families. We are just asking for help with the cremation costs which are $2000.00. We can not afford an actual funeral service at this time but hope to plan a small gathering to celebrate my fathers beautiful life on this earth.

I know times are tough right now for everyone but any small donation would help us and we would be forever grateful for your consideration during this difficult time in our lives.


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