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We are ready to close out this fundraiser. Thank you to all who have supported us. Nate’s burial insurance company granted us the policy benefits we took out on Nate less than a year before he died, because he was concerned about it. We didn’t think we would be granted that because Globe Life has a two year maturity requirement. Your gifts and the insurance policy allowed us to pay all of Nate’s burial costs. Thank you so much and God bless you.

Don and Jerri Harrington 



Our beloved son, brother, uncle and friend, Nathan Harrington, passed from this life unexpectedly January 13, 2023. We’re shocked and grief-stricken by this loss and want Nate to be remembered as a wonderful and talented  man who always gave of himself for others. Nate was always available to help. No matter how tired and, in spite of the pain he usually suffered, Nate worked at least 40 hours a week as an electrician and offered his handyman services to friends and family who needed him. From construction projects to electrical work, he would pick up his tool bag and head over to help. Nate was an accomplished musician, sharing our family’s love of music. He played cello, piano, and guitar and had a wonderful singing voice. He loved playing music and hiking with his brothers, and he brought much joy to his family and friends with his music, sense of humor and acts of service. In recent months ,Nate was devoted to his pit bull puppy, Henry. They would take long walks, and he was training Henry to do tricks. Unfortunately, Nate was vulnerable to complications from a traumatic brain injury he suffered in 2009, and recently re-injured his head and was hospitalized for an epidural hematoma. That led to a decline that ended with his death. As his parents, we assisted Nate with living expenses when he was unable to work as a result of his medical issues, and with follow-up doctor visits, due to lack of insurance. That, along with the funeral costs, have been a strain on our finances.  Some have expressed a desire to help. It was suggested to us that we set up this fund raiser for any who wish to contribute. Thank you in advance for your help. h


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