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My name is Paul Hoover.
Back in October 2022 I injured myself while working in Shelby MT. I was put on workman’s comp by the company I was working for ATS out is St Cloud MN in November. 4 days after being put on workman’s comp I was back at home in East Texas and received a call from an individual telling my employment with ATS was being terminated. I lost all my benefits, medical insurance, short term and long-term disability everything I had in place to help cover if anything serious ever happened. I continued with the workman’s comp though as instructed. December 27. 2022 after 6 weeks of physical therapy the Dr decided it was time to do an MRI. I met with the physical therapy Dr on December 30, 2022, where he informed me that he was terminating physical therapy because the MRI revealed tumors on my spine, he believed I had cancer. His orders were for me to report back to my PCP Dr. I had already set an appointment with him to have my annual physical on January 4, 2023, so I took the MRI report and the disk and dropped it at his office. Things just snowballed from there. By January 6, 2023, I was diagnosed with stage 5 prostate cancer. Things have gotten really expensive even with an outside insurance policy we purchased through the marketplace. Now I’m looking for a little help just to get through the disability process and the VA. This happened so fast that after being terminated from my employer I literally wound up knocked flat on my butt. Maybe there’s still people out there that will find a way to help and maybe there isn’t. My days now have numbers on them, so I figure there nothing to lose in trying. I’m not an imposter and I’m not a scammer. I can and will provide proof of my position. I thank you in advance for anything and everything that may or may not come our way.

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