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I was diagnosed with brain cancer 3 days after my 40th wedding anniversary, and two days later they told me I also had stage 4 lung cancer. went thru 2 weeks of full brain radiation then started with chemotherapy for lung cancer. spent 10 days in the hospital then I was told that I would be going home for in-home hospice. For less than one year of treatment wiped out our complete retirement and savings accounts. Insurance does not cover everything. I’m trying not to leave my husband with all these final expenses when I pass away. Me and my husband been thru so much I wish nobody would ever have to go thru this, this is extremely painful for the family to go thru on a daily basis.

My brain tumors and lung cancer was staying good it was all the treatments that took a toll on my body, and my body gave up on it in the end. Now I need 24-hour care, which makes it hard for my husband to work, and when he can work, he only can work a couple of hours here and there. Insurance doesn’t cover everything nurse comes in 2 times a week for an hour, and that’s it, just to check on me. So my loving husband stays home to take care of me. We don’t know what else to do except to help everybody out there. We were told therapy sometimes works but not always; that’s the gamble you take with this illness, they told us. The doctors we had were good, but that does not you will beat cancer it can help prolong life; that’s all it does. I would like to thank everybody that can help us in this difficult time in our lives. I don’t know much much longer I will be around and my husband is having a hard time with everything he has to deal with on a daily basis. in 8 month’s the medical bills were over 1 million dollar’s and so far, for 2023, they are over $400,000, and counting. The bills never stop coming.


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