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Our big brave 9 year old, Zachariah, has been in the hospital since 4/28. When he first mentioned “stomach pains” we thought it was just an excuse to get out of school, but after taking him to get an ultrasound, we were told there was a baseball-sized abdominal mass near his small intestines and to immediately go to the hospital and plan for surgery.
More ultrasounds, CT scans, and a biopsy surgery confirmed that we were dealing with Non-Hodgkin Burkitt Lymphoma.
Cancer is a scary thing, but Zach is proving to us how truly brave he is. We’ve been blessed to have such an amazing team of doctors and nurses working with Zach around the clock here at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.
As family and friends continue to send their love and support via prayers, texts, calls, and visits, we are taking the next step to help our family find relief from all the financial pressures we are facing so that we can be here with Zach through this curveball life has thrown our way – at his side through thick and thicker, filled with faith and with our chins held high!
All funds raised will be put to good use.
Work has been put to a complete halt for Mom, and I am trying to juggle what I can. Aside from any medical bills that arise, we are spending every day on food, travel, and loss of work. Rent, car payments, and all the other bills, unfortunately, can’t be paused. Prior to our residency here at the hospital, money was already a concern as we were going paycheck to paycheck trying to cover our expenses.
We are not sure how long this journey will be, but we are confident and hopeful for Zach’s speedy recovery as he undergoes his Chemo-Immune treatment.
He’s had it rough coping with all the medications/side effects so far, (nausea, migraines, fatigue, loss of appetite etc.), and it’s just the beginning.
An additional concern is where “home” will be after we leave the hospital, as our lease is ending in late August, and we have to find a more affordable living arrangement. Costs of moving, finding a place, putting up security, first and last month deposits, and realtor fees are a reality we can’t tuck under the rug. Our priorities are getting Zach healthy and securing him a home for when we finish his treatment.
Zach is our world. Please help us spread the word by sharing this fundraiser with family, and friends, and on your social media. If you are in a place to contribute financially, it would be so greatly appreciated! If you can only contribute your support by way of prayers and by sharing this Gofundme campaign, we are still so grateful for you!

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